Ad Astra

A character driven space odyssey that takes you TO THE STARS but isn't for everyone - 7/10

by Your Film Buddy

The film opens with a written prologue followed by a jaw-dropping and breathtaking shot, and the beautiful cinematography is carried out throughout every single frame. The James Gray did not miss a single opportunity to create a beautiful shot or an inventive transition. I will emphasize a lot on the look of the film because oh my god, that was breathtaking – I just wanted to float off my seat and get sucked into the film. The coloring was amazing, the cinematography straight out blew my mind. The VFX work was amazing. The solar system was represented in an unprecedented recreation filled with beauty. The acting was great, especially Brad Pitt’s performance. The film’s score was generic at many moments, but overall good and fitting. On the technical level, the film is perfect.

However, the story is what I am mixed about. Was I bored throughout the movie? Yes, unfortunately, sometimes. But why didn’t I sigh or leave? Mystery. The story has enough mystery to keep you hooked to your seat throughout this slow-paced odyssey. In addition, the film is really centered on the protagonists that it becomes very personal to a level you feel disconnected from the narrative. The story focuses on Roy McBride’s psyche and mind allowing to understand his thoughts and emotions. He was the only character with a proper arc that was well developed making it the sole purpose of the film. The movie had many meaningful messages that I personally related to a few.

As a space exploration lover, this film made me geek out at many points.

I can’t give this film a low rating - even though I didn’t really enjoy it - and that’s because Ad Astra breaks boundaries with creativity and originality. It’s a unique and an unprecedented experience… In a way comparable to Kubrick’s 1968 classic but with a simple non-mystical ending.


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