IT: Chapter Two

27 years later, everything matures into a darker horror-drama that will satisfy the fans and conclude the tale of the Losers Club and Pennywise - 8/10

by Your Film Buddy

i really enjoyed IT: CHAPTER TWO, it's great, scary, fun, and most importantly... emotional

The script is good. It slowly builds tension, the relatively slow pace doesn’t bore. The film takes its time go through the details and let us explore. I was never bored throughout the near 3-hour runtime. The film really builds upon the first chapter and even expands on it with extended scenes and additional ones. The first act was slightly lacking yet intriguing, the film then picks up during the second one where it gets really intense and scary, and finally the third which I will talk about later on.

The performances were really good. I have to say and admit that Bill Hader was a scene stealer; I am not talking about sudden jokes…no. The man delivered a phenomenal performance that will touch every viewer. The remaining cast members did really fit their characters. Bill got more development and so did Beverly. Richie got a touching and surprising development that will touch many people. The remaining members of the Losers club also got more backstory. However, I am still upset with what they did to exposition… I mean Mike; he barely got any additional development and his character felt more of a plot device than a member of the central characters. Bill Skarsgard gave us a more enraged Pennywise that still petrifies. One character felt slightly out of place and his presence could have been removed without affecting the script.

The film adopts a darker tone than the first, the whole atmosphere feels more adult and threatening. There are some good laughs in there but the scares in this one are more superior than the first. There is a handful amount of disturbing imagery and scary scenes. Jumpscares are in there and consist many of the scary elements. Most scares come from flashbacks which was disappointing.

The directing is solid, the cinematography was great, and the music was ok. The CGI work was perfect. I had an issue with some of the editing and scene jumping.

The story really builds upon the first and takes us further into the mythology of Pennywise. The film answers many questions. The third act, a part of it, was slightly dull and cheesy which was a bummer after an intense build-up, emotions, and goosebumps. I have to say that if you loved the first you will leave your seat and kiss the screen because of how much it continues the first and lifts it. The film doesn’t focus on scares, it’s a human story. The film is a drama-horror. And as a Stephen King reader, his stories are about humans and not the horrors and that’s exactly what the film is about. The story of the Losers Club is emotionally wrapped up with a tearjerker finale.

There are two cameos in this film that I absolutely loved, hopefully you’ll catch them and enjoy them as much as I did.

Whether this one is better than the first is hard to say, I see them both as ONE MOVIE.

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