Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

60s galore in the middle of an uninteresting story and amazing directing - 6/10

by Your Film Buddy

Starting off, I’m not a huge Tarantino fan. Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood is a very original film with a weak story that doesn’t really follow a formula. It is very disjointed with 3 main stories following Rick Dalton, Cliff Booth and Sharon Tate.

Rick Dalton’s story is the most intriguing one for it is the center of the story but on its own was not captivating and you just don't give a damn . Cliff Booth’s story was to some extent interesting but felt missing many elements. Sharon Tate’s story was the strangest one, it felt like an add-on to the story, something extra like an additional plot to pay homage to the actress with barely any impact on the whole story. More on the story, it felt like reading a book. It takes its time and doesn’t shy away from thoughts, emotions or details. I have to praise the originality of the story even though, unfortunately, is slightly dull and in some ways pointless.

The performances were good and solid but nothing really amazing or stunning. Although Margot Robbie’s screen time was small she was captivating and seemed to be having a lot of fun. I have to praise Margaret Qualley’s performance as Pussycat and Julia Butters as Trudi.

As I said I am not that huge Tarantino fan and this movie was his first that I experienced in theatres. I love his appreciation for details and dark sense of humor. The film was a bit lost trying to determine what it was. Sometimes it took itself seriously and sometimes it didn’t, most of the jokes were bad and didn’t land. The film needed more flare and more energy.  But Quentin Tarantino still did a good job at helming this "story?".

The cinematography was weak when it comes to magnificent wide shots. The color palette was adequate.

The music was mediocre when it comes to the musical score but the songs were fitting. 

The film presented the 60s in a concrete way that really dived deep into the indusrty back in the day.

What I enjoyed most was the in-movie footage shot as if it was made in the 50s and 60s. 

The film is a whole different cinematic experience, something special and unique but feels empty and pointless in many ways that aren't fulfilling and in some way... worth it.

I didn’t really enjoy the film and my main issue was the script that failed to let us fall in love with the characters and even care for them and the slightly hard to follow story.


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