Shows so much yet achieves so little - /10

by Jad Sammour

Will write the full review once the 4-hour cut is released. The theatrical version shows a lot, yet achieves so little. It's like that one friend who does not properly eat his chicken wings: takes two bites from each wing and jumps to the next, just to say AH I ATE THE ENTIRE PLATE/ATE TOO MANY... this is the perfect analogy (the wings are Napoleon's life and persona, bites are properly exploring him). Other than that, it is technically brilliant and a joy to watch. Also Joaquin Phoenix oscilliates between a charismatic military leader and a quirky, insecure weirdo which did not always work and made understanding the character more difficult. The film tried to swallow more than it can chew: they wanted to show the most important points in Napoleon's life but also deeply explore his personality and complexes and his relationship with his wife... a lot for the story's flow and integrity. Perhaps the 4-hour cut will fix these issues, based on Ridley Scott tradition.

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