Yes. - 8/10

by Jad Sammour

I’m glad someone gave Damien Chazelle the money to make this film.

Babylon is a film that boasts its excessive and extravagant nature which is why I will write a very minimalistic review.

-Great performances
-I am generally not a fan of Brad Pitt but he was terrific in this
-The characters are mostly one-dimensional
-Stellar direction
-Lots of humor and funny moments
-The film relies on montage sequences to tell its story most of the time
-Energetic and relentless story that never slows down
-The film aims high on themes and depth but fails to live up to them
-Hefty runtime but the film is engaging throughout
-The film is a filmmaker having fun and prioritizes this over anything else
- The musical score is genius and spectacular
-The film’s atmosphere, attitude, sense of humor, spectacle, and chaos are what make the film a memorable theatrical experience
-Superb editing (although it shows where the film was censored*)
-Very watchable and entertaining; haven’t seen many films like it
-Some characters deserved more screen time
-Great cinematography
-The costumes and production design were on point
-Lots of beautiful moments
-The film is bloated and has a lot to process
-Even though the film may feel empty and lacking substantial depth, it justifies this in the later scenes and turns this lack into surplus retrosepctive value 

I highly recommend this film; go watch it.

*Babylon has been censored in the middle east – they cut a few minutes (9 I think)


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