Movie Ticket Prices in Cinemas across Lebanon

Date: November 24, 2022

Hey Moviegoers,

In the past week, we've been receiving inquiries about the new Movie Ticket Prices in Cinemas across Lebanon, so here are the information that we gathered so far:

  1. VOX Cinemas - Beirut City Center:
    IMAX Premium View: 160,000L.L.
    IMAX Standard: 150,000L.L.
    GOLD: 165,000L.L.
    4DX: 170,000L.L.
    Standard: 120,000L.L.
    Premium: 130,000L.L.

  2. Grand Cinemas - ABC Verdun - ABC Dbayeh - ABC Achrafiyeh - Galaxy Hazmieh - Las Salinas Anfeh:
    Standard: 150,000L.L.
    VIP: 200,000L.L.
    MX4D: 185,000L.L.

  3. Cinemall - Le Mall Dbayeh:
    Standard: 150,000L.L.
    VIP: 200,000L.L.

  4. Stargate Zahle:
    Early Session: 100,000L.L.
    Standard: 120,000L.L.

  5. Cinemacity - Beirut Souks:
    Standard: 200,000L.L.
    VIP: 250,000L.L.

  6. Empire Cinemas - Sodeco Square:
    VIP: 250,000L.L.

  7. Empire Cinemas - The Spot Choueifat:
    Standard: 150,000L.L.
    Club: 200,000L.L.

In addition, Popcorn prices vary between:

  1. Salt 50,000L.L. to 90,000L.L.
  2. Cheese 70,000L.L. to 90,000L.L.
  3. Caramel 70,000L:.L. to 110,000L.L.

Soft Drink Bottle and Juice between 40,000L.L. and 50,000L.L.
Water between 20,000L.L. to 25,000L.L.

Enjoy the Holidays,
Moviegoers TEAM