Black Dragon

99 min

Genre: Adventure Animation

Release date: April 25, 2024

Director(s): Xuhui Xing

Writer(s): Jiang Huihui

Actors: Tom Coetzee Jonah Dollery Sophie Kirsch

Rating: PG

The plot

Kaka is the son of a hero. His body is invaded by an evil force which grows stronger as he grows older. Eventually this force will have enough dark power to destroy the entire world. To prevent such a catastrophe from happening, the legendary Black Dragon, Princess Nini, Chief Baragon and bratty Bearly team up with Kaka to defend their homeland. They venture through forbidden lands, an underground world and a parallel universe, fighting off carnivorous flowers and stone creatures along the way. Despite the risks, the youngsters show no fear. They are determined to banish dark forces from their land.

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