The 355

A generic yet fun action flick - 6/10

by This Is My Review

To be honest, I didn’t have high expectations for this one and the trailers weren’t really promising…. but I surprisingly had fun!!! Many of the elements in “The 355” might seem familiar especially if you’re into espionage thrillers. Although it borrows a lot from films that share the same genre, three main elements gave this one a proper “entertaining” identity!! The first element was the talented cast, each one of the protagonists had a great charisma (especially the amazing Diane Kruger) and I should give credits to the actresses who gave their characters dimensions that the script couldn’t always clarify. The second successful element in this film was the chemistry between the characters, it worked really well and their dialogues were so fun to watch. Finally, I really liked the themes that the story tackled, although they were spoon-fed during the final act, I still felt that they were important and gave the story a certain depth. Now the movie is not the new “John Wick” or “Atomic Blonde” because most of its twists were predictable and the actions scenes weren’t so special, but if you’re looking for something enjoyable, funny (at some point) and exciting to watch on a big screen, then this one is definitely going to satisfy your craving. “The 355” is a fun action-packed adventure with a generic story that was saved by its strong cast members, give it a shot if you’re into this genre!!!

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