Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Childrens Exclusive - 7/10

by The Hellfire Club

This movie is a good one, BUT: 

Similarly to the first installment, it's a silly movie that is obviously catered to kids, and if you laugh, it's not sure whether you are laughing with them or at them. Unlike the first movie this time, the most enjoyable character was surprisingly Rachel, with Jim Carrey being also too childish. Don't get me wrong, this movie is made for children and it is an amazing way to introduce them to the Sonic mythos and characters as it is more based on the history of the Sonic video games and tv shows, unlike the first movie. Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and the Chaos Emeralds are the coolest aspects of this movie and were so fun to watch as an original Sonic fan, but I have to say my favorite part of this movie was the post-credit scene. I'm terms of budget, action, and storyline, this movie exceeds the first one with flying colors and you will enjoy it once you keep in mind, that it is for kids and not the older fans.

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