The Batman

Mesmerizing dark masterpiece - 9/10

by The Movies Critic

“The Batman” is ruthless, gritty, and dark. It’s a psychological thriller and crime thriller that gives Bruce Wayne the true-to-life detective story he deserves. Director Matt Reeves brought out the dreariness of a corrupt Gotham City which made a great detective mystery noir kind of film with an incredible score. Additionally, he managed to make a Batman movie that's completely different from the character's earlier films. This movie features a raw batman who is still struggling to adapt to his role of fighting crime and understanding the corruption in Gotham. Robert Pattinson delivers a great performance and was very convincing as the batman, â€¨the Riddler was great definitely a more sinister take on the role which Paul Dani pulled off with ease, and Collin Farrell was awesome as the penguin as well. Overall, “The Batman” is the scariest and the most genuine Batman movie yet, and the message is clear: It's not a family superhero movie, it's a grumpy, frightening psychological thriller with a heavy dose of the classic crime element, and believe it or not, Reeves pulls it off perfectly, achieving a mesmerizing dark masterpiece.

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