The Batman

Dark Masterpiece - 9/10

by The Hellfire Club

Matt Reeves outdid himself in this movie giving us a beautiful adaptation of Gotham, the bat, and the cat. What makes this batman different from all the rest is that the direction taken for his character was inwards into his mind and psychology, unlike the latest movies that showed us a god-battling batman, that frankly didn't do his roots justice. This movie on the other hand served as the justice batman deserves within 3 beautiful hours with impeccable acting, stunning visuals, and an immaculate score. The crime-solving aspect in this movie made it amazing, paired with an even more amazing performance from the villains that helped this movie be memorable. The Catwoman storyline was fresh and captivating fittingly intertwined with the story, making Zoë Kravitz's chemistry with Robert Pattinson shine bright. This movie was made during batman's year 2 era and we can see that he is still inexperienced and still hasn't amounted to his current modern gadgets, and the same can be said about Selina's character. All in all, this movie was a dark and twisted masterpiece limited only by its pg-13 rating.

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