Bohemian Rhapsody

Electrifying - 9/10

by SardonicA

Rami Malek has talent written all over him!

A performance that will literally sweep you off your feet with a beat..

I enjoyed every second of those 2 hours and 15 mins where I experienced the life, character, attitude, and career of Freddie Mercury though Rami Malik's soul!

A heartwarming story that sheds the light on the difficulties that Freddie had to overcome in order to become what he was born to be "A Performer"! And driving his band "Queen" to an unparalleled success.

Loved the soundtracks, script, harmony between actors and the bold messages relating to sexuality, greed, culture, and deception.

The ending was good but I wished if it was a bit stronger.

One of the best movies for this year..

Grab your tickets ASAP and enjoy the musical ride.

Highly Recommended!



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