Denis Villeneuve never disappoints - 9/10

by The Movies Critic

Denis Villeneuve did it again, a film that didn’t disappoint. At this point, everyone knows that Denis Villeneuve is a genius when it comes to movies. Dune is a visual masterpiece, but what stands out the most is the fact that the film tackles many important themes as well. The cast was absolutely amazing, all actors delivered amazing performances. The score was sensational because it was composed by “Hans Zimmer”. I won’t lie I was expecting more and I had very high expectations, but still the movie was excellent nonetheless. The film needed some more elements and it would’ve been a masterpiece. I think this film is an excellent prequel for the upcoming one which will definitely be crazier! These types of movies and directors are the reason to why we share the love for cinema, we need more movies like this and not the cliché ones. This film is highly recommend!!

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