No Time to Die

Not the perfect Bond film but a good conclusion. - 8/10

by The Movies Critic

007 is back one last time, and what an ending that was! Now I haven’t seen every single James Bond movie but man this one was entertaining. “No Time To Die” isn’t the perfect Bond film but it concludes Daniel Craig's franchise in a unique way. The film features a good action style, a good story, but a bad antagonist. As usual the action scenes and choreography were good and pleasant to the eye, the story was a good one which concluded the franchise, but the antagonist (which is played by Rami Malek) wasn’t that intimidating and his presence wasn’t powerful. Additionally, I liked the interaction between Bond and Ana de Armas’ character even though it was short. Other than that, this is a 007 film, we all know how things work in these movies so the ending is the most important part because it concludes this franchise and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint!

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