No Time to Die

Emotions, emotions and emotions!!! - 8/10

by This Is My Review

Let’s face it, at this point they can’t just make another “good” Bond film!! It’s really intriguing to see one of the oldest and most famous franchises in the world still growing bigger. Every new film looks more like a challenge to offer something innovative and new to the audience. Luckily, “No Time To Die” found the perfect element to become unique and memorable at the same time: EMOTIONS. The plot might seem generic if you read the synopsis, but the movie holds so many interesting surprises that were logical especially if you put in mind that this is a DIRECT continuation to the previous films. The character of Bond was given a perfect and complete arc in my opinion and underwent many interesting changes that shouldn’t be ignored in the next films. The plot is also very daring, it took some new “unfamiliar” decisions that we’ve never seen in any Bond film before, even some of them might not be so clear at first. Daniel Craig is always good as Bond but Ana de Armas’ character was my favorite. She steals the show despite her small role and I really want her back in future films. As for the flaws, the runtime was a bit too long (15 to 20 minutes could be EASILY reduced) and you will feel more familiar with the details if you still remember SPECTRE but even if you don’t, it’s still fun to watch and you must experience it on the biggest screen possible!!! “No Time To Die” is an enjoyable adventure, my second favorite Daniel Craig/Bond film and a PERFECT way to say goodbye to this special era in the 007 World!!! Fans of the genre…. WHAT ARE YOU STILL WAITING FOR?

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