The Movie of the Year!!!! - 9/10

by This Is My Review

When it comes to Denis Villeneuve, the guy already earned his rightful place as one of the most talented and visionary directors working in Hollywood nowadays. His movies are visually stunning and hold many artistic values at the same time. I’m really happy to say that his latest feature “DUNE” is not only a feast to the eyes but also a very fun adventure to watch so most people will enjoy it. The story is more than just another sci-fi adventure full of explosions and fight sequences, it holds SO MANY political, social messages and important themes. The adaptation was able to perfectly tackle and balance all these elements and smoothly place them in the core of the plot without feeling forced or misplaced. The movie is so appealing as well just like any other Villeneuve film: Full of mesmerizing shots, amazingly choreographed action sequences and the clever use of different colors (especially during the dream sequences) added a unique aspect to each and very scene. DUNE has also a “perfect casting”, all the actors and actresses delivered memorable performances and credits should be given to Villeneuve and the writing crew who knew how to slowly build their characters and make them interesting to watch to the point where I can’t wait to start reading the original Novel!!! Oh and finally, should I mention that Hans Zimmer’s musical score is majestic as usual?? I think we already know that!!! “DUNE” is one of these films that you can call a “Modern Classic” it’s fun, entertaining but most importantly…. VALUABLE!!! Make sure to watch it on the biggest screen possible!!!

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