The Card Counter

An interesting film!!! - 6/10

by This Is My Review

Knowing that the movie’s director and writer Paul Schrader also wrote “Taxi Driver” made me even more excited to watch it…. Even before reading the synopsis!!! I’m gonna be honest with you, during the first half of “The Card Counter” I was bored and felt that the movie was going nowhere with its VERY slow pace. Unlike the director’s previous work “First Reformed” (which shares a similar tone and pace), the dialogues in this one didn’t feel captivating at all. Luckily, the movie’s purpose and the goal was clear during its second half and I became more familiar with the tone and the characters so I was hooked to find out how this strange (but realistic) story will end. The movie holds many important messages, great symbolic scenes and a very good character development that can be explained in so many different ways. Overall, I can say that this is a movie that I respect because of its interesting elements and intentions. I enjoyed the second half of “The Card Counter”, it’s a good movie so if you’re into this genre and familiar with the director’s previous works, then you’ll probably enjoy this one!!!

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