Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Not Marvel's Best!!! - 6/10

by This Is My Review

The movie’s main issue is the fact that it has some really tough competition within its own universe!!!! Enjoying “Shang-Chi” or not depends on what you’re expecting from this new Marvel film. If you’re just watching it for the special effects, fight scenes and easter eggs then you’ll definitely have fun with this new superhero origin story. But if you look at it as a movie and compare it to previous Marvel features (yes, even Phase 1) you will realize that it’s weak on so many levels. The story seemed familiar, similar to other films we’ve seen before and full of boring exposition scenes. Actor Simu Liu (Who plays Shang-Chi) lacked Charisma and his performance wasn’t impressive. The movie’s comedy was so lame and most of the jokes didn’t hit at all!!! The runtime felt so long and I was able to successfully predict every single step of this repetitive formula. On the other hand, the CGI was pretty cool, the movie’s colors were impressive especially on the big screen, the fight scenes were entertaining to watch and of course, Marvel knows EXACTLY how to connect its films so as part of their universe it works despite some illogical stuff that I might be discussing in a future post (and the first Post-Credit scene was VERY GOOD too). All these positive elements made “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” a watchable adventure that you might enjoy once especially if you’re a diehard Marvel fan but if I don’t see myself revisiting it anytime soon (or maybe ever)!!!

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