The Green Knight

A Visual Masterpiece - 8.5/10

by This Is My Review

WARNING: This is not a film that you “enjoy” or “have fun while watching”, it’s an artistic tale full of symbolism and if you’re not into this genre then I certainly don’t recommend it!!! Now let’s talk about this amazing A24 feature, shall we? If I had to describe David Lowery’s new film “The Green Knight” using one word it would definitely be: BEAUTIFUL!!! I mean it, everything looks so pretty and carefully crafted in order to present this intriguing Hero’s Journey without complications or exaggerations. The movie has the best cinematography I’ve seen this year and it would be a shame if it didn’t receive an Oscar Nomination (or maybe even a win). I found myself pausing many scenes just to look at these mesmerizing shots with their vivid colors and perfect compositions. Dev Patel delivered his best performance to date and with the amazing Alicia Vikander, they presented a great duo and shared beautiful chemistry on screen. The musical score was haunting (in a good way) and the use of colors was more than phenomenal. My only problem with this film is technically the same issue that I had with Lowery’s other film called “A Ghost Story” which is the pace that felt a bit too slow in the second act with some prolonged scenes that were luckily beautiful to look at so they didn’t negatively affect my experience. “The Green Knight” invites you to contemplate each frame and to analyze all the symbolic messages behind its characters and story. It’s a unique experience that will force you to appreciate its elements and fans of this genre will fall in love with it!!!

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