Jungle Cruise

Pirates of the Amazons!!! - 5.5/10

by This Is My Review

I have to admit, Dwayne Johnson’s puns were ROCK Solid!!! (Please don’t Block Me). “Jungle Cruise” was majorly flawed but I can see why many people will enjoy it. The movie was clearly trying to be another “Pirates of the Caribbean” but it couldn’t replicate the two main elements that made “The Curse of the Black Pearl” such a successful and lovable first instalment: The characters & the Adventure!!! This new feature based on the popular DisneyLand Ride didn’t present ANY phenomenal Jack Sparrow or even a decent Davy Jones!! Although the two main leads shared a good chemistry on screen, the lack of depth in their characters blocked any attempt to build a connection with them. The villains (yes there were more than one antagonist) were two-dimensional and the supportings were forgettable. As for the adventure itself, I didn’t find myself invested in this new quest at all. The plot was full of illogical conveniences and I couldn’t ignore the MANY similarities with movies like Indiana Jones, Jumanji and POTC (as mentioned before). On the other hand, some of the action sequences were good and the overall experience could be entertaining only if you’re looking for something fun to watch with your family. I can see myself enjoying “Jungle Cruise” if it was released 15 years ago, it clearly targets younger audience and didn’t take any risks or even try to drive away from the usual clichee formula!!!

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