You can’t go wrong with Pixar - 8/10

by The Movies Critic

Simple in the most delightful way, Luca proves that Pixar can play it safe and still craft a great story. A sweet tale of friendship is never overdone and a little seaside town in Italy was the perfect setting for it and Pixar spared no expense bringing it to life through beautifully animated details. I wasn't sure I would like it too much but I was so wrong. From stunning landscapes and backdrops to a clever storyline that pulls on your heartstrings, Luca is one of the best movies this year.

Pixar makes such a great effort of putting a lot of joy, happiness, and emotions in all their films. The colors and animations were breathtaking! It’s amazing to see how much the animation industry has developed. The setting of Luca was so perfectly made, every part of the town felt so realistic, and the underwater bits were done just as well too! The characters were amazing, the plot was simple but fantastic, the music was brilliant, and I loved the whole Italian esthetic. Overall, “Luca” is an enjoyable film for both young and adult audiences. And once again, Pixar didn’t disappoint.

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