The DEVILLE wears Prada - 7/10

by This Is My Review

With almost 17 Live-action Disney remakes (so far), “Maleficent” remains one of my favorites simply because it didn’t recreate the same plot as the animated feature but instead, it cleverly twisted the story and gave it value. I was really excited to see “Cruella” because I felt that it had potential to be similar to Angelina Jolie’s villain-lead remake.... and luckily this one didn’t disappoint!! I enjoyed this new original story because it had something new to offer to the audience and didn’t fully rely on the previous films. The movie looks really beautiful, the production and costume designs were awesome and the clever use of colors gave it an attractive and unique aspect that will force you to focus on every frame even if it was flawed. Emma Stone was a perfect choice, she delivered a strong performance and gave us way more than what we saw in the trailers. Emma Thompson was also terrific and added a beautiful aspect to her character. Stone and Thompson shared a beautiful chemistry on screen and they were definitely my favorite characters. Now the movie is definitely not flawless, I had this constant feeling that the writers were trying to present something original or “daring”, but in critical times they went with the most predictable and clichee choices to make the story seem more familiar. Call me a fool, but I can see an R-rated bloody/darker version of this story that could also work!!! “Cruella” is fun, entertaining, beautiful and suitable for all family members. It has just the right amount of easter eggs and references and you can still enjoy it even it you haven’t seen any Dalmation film before (which would be a shame because they are really fun too).

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