A surprisingly enjoyable Disaster Film - 7/10

by This Is My Review

Well that was a pleasant surprise!!!! I honestly didn’t have high expectations for this one (actually I had very low hopes) but luckily “Greenland” turned out to be pretty good and entertaining. It’s not the usual Apocalyptic film where the hero fights to save the day, here the protagonist was simply trying to survive and not get killed. In my opinion, this is the main reason why the story felt so real and the plot didn’t include all these heroic exaggerated sequences (like so many other movies starring Gerard Butler). I’m aware that some of the decisions were lazy and many scenes felt illogical and clichee at some point, but as a whole, the movie works pretty well. The story was constantly presenting new and exciting elements so I found myself caring about the characters and their fate. The use of CGI was just on point and it was really convincing without excessive and cartoonish scenes. I was surprised by the number of messages delivered by this film, the dialogues were filled with interesting comments on social beliefs and behaviors which is something that we don’t usually see in this genre. If you’re looking for a fun “Disaster” film, Greenland is a great choice, it has a combination of almost everything and most importantly... it’s entertaining!!!

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