An Oscar-Worthy Experience - 8.5/10

by This Is My Review

WARNING: This is not a usual “fun” movie and might not be everyone’s cup of tea especially if they’re not familiar with slow-paced character-driven dramas. During the whole 107 minutes runtime, ”Nomadland” was carefully building the main character and taking its time to present all her struggles and motives in details. It felt like going slowly through her complex layers to finally reach the core where everything will make sense and you will feel a strong emotional connection to her. Of course credits should be given to the writer/Director Chloé Zhao who also presented some beautiful shots too. Frances McDormand delivered another amazing performance that might (or probably will) get her the big award at the next Oscars. So many beautiful changes in her character and she portrayed each one of them in the most touching way possible. The movie might seem too slow especially between the first and the second act, I didn’t really enjoy all the storylines and this might be my only issue with the film. “Nomadland” is an adventure that you can’t but appreciate, it’s a beautifully written, acted and directed film.... Highly recommended if you’re into this genre!!

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