Raya and the Last Dragon

Disney’s magical Formula - 8.5/10

by This Is My Review

Although it takes a path that some might find clichee, what makes “Raya and the last Dragon” special is its unique theme. You feel that the story was carefully represented and developed, simplified enough for children to grasp all the new information and for adults to enjoy a touching plot full of intriguing symbolism. The movie perfectly built its characters and gave them all the necessary elements to become alive and real. Nearly all of them were lovable and I instantly built a connection with Raya and cared for her because she had a clear and logical motive, plus her arc was interesting to follow. Aside from the stunning animation, emotions always play a major role in any plot, it’s nearly impossible to love a film if you don’t creat a certain emotional bond with its characters, well this new feature will ensure an emotional ride from start to finish. Comedy wasn’t the strongest element here especially some of the jokes told by Sisu, but overall the script was impressive and full of important messages and morals. “Raya and the last Dragon” is definitely the best Disney Animated film since “Frozen” (slightly better than Zootopia), it has so many things to offer and highly recommended even if you’re not a fan of animated features.

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