A fun “John Wick” wannabe - 7/10

by This Is My Review

Well that was REALLY fun to watch!!! If you  analyze every single detail and plot hole in this new action flick, you will definitely find many flaws and illogical stuff. But the movie’s unique tone made it so easy to forget all these tiny details. I found myself sitting there and enjoying this cool and entertaining story without overthinking the movie’s elements. The runtime was just perfect without unnecessarily prolonged scenes, you feel that the plot is self-aware and compact as if people behind this film were just having fun. It has a special touch of comedy that changed the game, not to forget the great performance by the amazing Bob Odenkirk and some seriously entertaining fight sequences.... so what do you get? One of the most fun movies of the year (so far) definitely worth your time especially if you’re feeling angry. The movie has a clear “John Wick” vibe without the innovative action sequences and Keanu’s charisma but if you’re into such films you will definitely love it. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy “Nobody” as much as I did and I’m really glad that I gave it a shot!!!

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