Pixar beautifully reaches deeper and more complex stories to tell - 9/10

by The Hellfire Club

Soul is arguably one of the best pixar movies ever produced, with a beautiful representation of the main character, Joe that lacks stereotypes, a story with deep and multiple layers, in addition to a concept that is amazingly explored. Talking about the afterlife and especially in a Diseny movie, is a bold move that payed off beautifully, creating a movie enjoyable for adults as well as eye opening for children. The message that this film and overall theme of the preciousness of life was accurately expressed by the story and the amazing voice cast.The handling of the complex idea of life and death was done in a very creative and simple way that made this movie very enjoyable, weirdly deep and cathartic. Soul is not your typical Disney movie as this one is more mature and has an essence of realism added to it.


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