All This Victory - جدار الصوت

Not your typical War Film - 8/10

by This Is My Review

You don’t need big explosions and excessive violence to make the audience feel frightened or nervous.... and “All This Victory” is a great example. This beautifully shot film was trying to portray war through the eyes of its own victims: Their fear, anger, thoughts and even insecurities.... everything was perfectly captured and clearly presented to the audience. You will feel immersed in this simple yet deep story and the nerve-wracking tone will force you to follow each and every scene and expect anything as if you’re part of this battle. The director knew how to properly choose his shots and angles, everything was adding more and more tension to the story. Credits should be also given to the cast because acting was one of the movie’s strongest elements especially Karam Ghossein and Issam Bou Khaled. The slow Pacing might be an issue especially if you’re not a huge fan of such films, but it was a great choice in my opinion and helped the story to establish this unsettling atmosphere and to keep this “nervous feeling” from start to finish. “All this victory” is a unique experience, the messages that the director was trying to send were perfectly received because of its remarkable execution.

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