The Nest

A Pleasant Surprise!! - 8/10

by This Is My Review

Entering a movie without having ANY idea about the plot is the best thing you can do!!! Although it’s not my favorite genre, “The Nest” was a really pleasant surprise and managed to grab my attention during the whole runtime simply because it had an interesting plot to present and deep messages to deliver. The story might seem normal at first, but if you dig deep into its symbolic elements and analyse the characters you will understand that everything happening on screen is just a reflection of serious subjects and conflicts the movie was trying to treat. You feel like you’re exploring these multi-layered characters and whenever you reach their core you will understand why the movie took its time to build them up using all the emotional scenes that were in my opinion the movie’s strongest element. Jude Law and Carrie Coon were amazing and their performances were so tough, the script relied on their emotional reactions and they didn’t fail the task. I only had minor issues with some unnecessary exposition scenes in the second act. They could’ve been easily avoided because the story and the messages were clear and didn’t need explanations. “The Nest” was a pleasant watch, I highly recommend it ONLY IF you’re a fan of slow-paced Dramas with heavy subjects.

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