War from a different perspective!! - 7.5/10

by This Is My Review

Although it’s not a unique or new topic in Lebanese Cinema, I was happy to see how “1982” was able to successfully portray War from this unique perspective. The movie is full of mixed emotions and knew how to trigger the right feelings at the right moment... well most of the time!!! Nadine Labaki was the best element in this film, I really like her as an actress and here she beautifully portrayed this complex character. I have to admit that the script gave her some crucial moments and she didn’t waste any of them. I haven’t seen all her movies yet but I can say that this is one of her best performances so far. Her chemistry with Rodrigue Sleiman really worked and their storyline added an interesting aspect to the plot. Unfortunately the children weren’t all at the same level and some of them where more convincing than others. The script had its ups and downs, some dialogues felt real while others were packed with unnecessary expositions and poetic lines. The opening was slow (maybe intentionally) and long but luckily with the tension slowly rising, the movie was able to handle all these thrilling scenes and knew how to present every sequence in a different way which made the experience so unique. The ending was confusing, it might seem weird and misplaced at first but it will eventually make sense when you think about it. “1982” is personal, emotional and thrilling... an interesting combination in Lebanese Cinema. I highly recommend it especially if you lived in this era!!!

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