The New Mutants

The Ridiculous Five - 3/10

by This Is My Review

Remember when “20th Century Fox” took some huge risks and released an R-Rated brutal X-Men film called “Logan” and it became one of the best Comic films ever made? Well this one did the exact opposite!!! “The New Mutants” tried to include everything in a weak plot and failed big time!!! I have no idea why they gave us the illusion that it was a bloody/dark horror X-Men version (which could’ve worked perfectly). The movie was messy with poorly written characters that didn’t have enough (or any) motives to earn the audience’s sympathy. Acting was the movie’s worst element, none of the actors/actresses were convincing although the majority are really important talents and each one of them had at least one remarkable performance in other movies or TV Shows. Even after I finished watching this film I couldn’t really understand many of the “superpowers” presented because they simply didn’t fit in the X-Men Universe. There is no clear antagonist or “threat” until the third act which made the experience way too boring and aimless. I don’t really know what this movie was supposed to look like, I’m just judging the product I saw on the big screen. “The New Mutants” should’ve been canceled the moment it started facing all these production problems (it was meant to be released back in 2018).

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