The New Mutants

Pacing lost in Limbo ? - 6.5/10

by The Hellfire Club

As a self-proclaimed comic book expert, I loved this movie, but it was busy laying the groundwork for its now-canceled trilogy that was intended by Fox, so the movie was a slow introduction and could've been a better tv show instead. The CGI was bad in some cases but beautiful in other scenes, the actors were amazing especially Anya Tailor-Joy, and Maisie Williams as they represented their characters beautifully. As an X-Men franchise fan, both comics and movies, Lockheed was everything in this movie and so was Magik, but I have to say I did not like the racist comments that were written for Ilyana and it was completely unnecessary and pointless, on the other hand, the LGBTQ+ representation in this movie was a breath fresh air that even the MCU hasn't done correctly...yet. The movie served solely as a pilot to the canceled trilogy which proved to be its downfall as it missed so many opportunities because of it and slowed down the pace of this film and limited it exponentially. This movie should be praised for its accurate mutant representation of all the characters except for Roberto and Dr. Reyes's characters and consider maybe taking them to the MCU after this. This movie is a must-watch for any hardcore mutant fan like me, I absolutely did not regret it, but if you are a casual watcher, maybe... skip this one.

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