May the “Chi” be with you!! - 4/10

by This Is My Review

I tried my best not to compare this one to the animated version just to see if it could work as an original story.... and well this strategy didn’t help much!!! I don’t believe that “Mulan” is Disney’s worst Live-action remake but it bothers me to see such opportunities being wasted and replaced with some bad decisions that harm the story. The script was flawed, as if they were forcing an animated script into a live-action film. The dialogues were filled with unnecessary expositions and spoon-fed messages. But despite all this, my main issue with the film was the protagonist. I didn’t really understand the decision to give Mulan “superpowers”, instead of adding depth to her character and showing her true struggles, it simply made her motives weak and shifted the whole development that she was supposed to reach. Not to foget that the most important decision that Mulan is supposed to take was rushed and off-screen (for unknown reasons). Yifei Liu’s performance didn’t help at all, I couldn’t feel anything or even sympathize with her which is BAD in such films. Jet Li’s portrayal of the Emperor was so robotic and he wasn’t convincing at all even in his “fight” scenes. The only two elements that I really enjoyed were the Production design and Cinematography, the movie had some seriously great shots and the action scenes were beautifully crafted. “Mulan” is another attempt to re-create an old success but unless Disney takes some serious risks with its live-action remakes, we won’t be seeing anything “iconic” in the near future.

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