A More Mature Adaptation of the Iconic Mulan Story - 7/10

by The Hellfire Club

Leaving all controversial aspects aside, this is a review based on this movie alone and not a comparison with its animated counterpart, and I have to say its a great watch.
This movie is a more mature and original film than other Disney remakes with beautiful performances, intense battle scenes, and a powerful message and representation of how women have always had to fight to be taken seriously or to be considered as physically capable as men, and this movie showcases that in a beautiful manner. This movie is very distinct from its animated counterpart which made people less interested in the movie and gave it a lower score, but as a standalone movie, Mulan proves to be another great Disney live-action remake in terms of sound, directing, acting, battle scenes, and much more, which proves and encourages Disney that a step by step remake is not always the way to go and originality can always be added and enjoyed since this movie adopts a lot of new and exciting features that make it stand out from its predecessor and can possibly map a future for it.

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