The Invisible Man

A good Horror film - 8/10

by This Is My Review

Commercial horror films became too clichee and uninteresting in the last few years.... but thankfully “The Invisible Man” was able to scare and entertain without being predictable or lame. The first part of the movie was a bit boring, setting up the story felt too slow but fortunately everything was fixed during the second act. This reboot managed to develop the original story without losing its main elements and added some layers that felt logical and served the movie’s purpose. “The Invisible Man” had this perfect unsettling atmosphere, with many surprises and unexpected moments. The writers knew how to use the right material at the right time. This added a huge value to the jump scares that were really creative and well... scary!! I loved the twisted ending and Elizabeth Moss was really convincing as Cecilia Kass. Although it might be considered a commercial film but “The Invisible Man” is one of these great horrors that tried to present something new to the genre and succeeded big time!!!

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