Fantasy Island

An illogical and clichee Story - 3.5/10

by This Is My Review

This movie left me with too many unanswered questions... but not because it was deep or clever. “Fantasy Island” had potential, I mean the story would’ve been interesting if it was executed in a simple way and without all these unnecessary twists that only made things worse. The movie had no logic whatsoever, nothing made sense and every plot twist complicated stuff even more. The script was too weak, it was constantly trying to explain things by spoon-feeding the information to the audience (even if it was obvious). Acting was the movie’s worst element, Michael Peña’s performance was too robotic just like Maggie Q. The whole cast wasn’t convincing and some of the actors even dragged the film down because they were annoying and fake. On the other hand, the movie had some entertaining scenes, the first act was “promising” and the production design was actually good. “Fantasy Island” isn’t really bad, it’s laughably bad so you might enjoy it if you don’t really over analyze the story or expect anything from it.

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