Color Out of Space

Horrifying and disturbing but it comes off as boring and less thrilling - 4.5/10

by Jad Sammour

I am mixed about this film. 


First off, the script was ok. The dialogue wasn't always on point and good but it was alright. There's a good amount of creativity in there but I am not sure it's from the original story or created by the screenwriters. The film's pacing is slow and kind of boring but you never lose interest in the story once the horror kicks in.

The performances weren't that good. Nicholas Cage went full Nicholson from The Shining sometimes but in a horrible way and his overall performance wasn't always good. The remaining of the cast didn't feel natural and most of the time their acting fluctuates from bad to good. 

The CGI was mediocre at being realistic yet sometimes it was really beautiful to watch. The cinematography is really good, the score was amazing and really boosted the film's atmosphere (alongside the production design influencing the CGI). There's the color which is the villain of this story and it is really beautifully represented.

The directing approach to this film is less traditional than many horror films, it sometimes avoids usually inescapable clichés. There are some really nice shots and the filming stands out (but not so much).

The film scared the heck out of me and it barely used jump scares, in fact I remember there are 2 I think. The creature design is really scary and how the reveals are built up really horrifies you. The film comes off as really horrifying and disturbing and it succeeds at that BUT you barely care for the characters who are poorly written and you won't feel any sympathy whatsoever.

So yes it is scary but boring with a beautiful color palette and some messed up things happening. 


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