Just Mercy

A “tough” true story - 7.5/10

by This Is My Review

Inspired by a powerful true story about Justice and persistence, “Just Mercy” had all the right elements to become an instant classic. Unfortunately the movie was weakened by its misoriented storytelling. Michael B. Jordan proves again that he’s capable of handling a leading role. He was stunning in this film and one specific scene proved it clearly by only using his facial expressions. Jamie Foxx was amazing too, the two had a beautiful chemistry on screen and my favorite scenes were the ones they shared. On the other hand, it felt like Brie Larson’s character was just there to add some extra scenes to the movie, she didn’t have an impact on the story. Plus many subplots felt forced and should’ve been given less time on screen especially that the runtime was practically long (30 minutes could be easily reduced from the movie). Despite all the flaws, “Just Mercy” was able to have this huge emotional impact especially during the court scenes and credits should go mainly to the Jordan/Foxx duo. If you’re a fan of this genre then you should definitely check this one out!!

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