Birds of Prey

Harley’s jokerless comeback!!! - 7.5/10

by This Is My Review

Since the very first scene it became obvious that this movie has its own Style and everything will be presented in a special way even the tiny details. “Birds Of Prey” was really fun and entertaining, it has the right energy that this story needed. I liked the shifted timeline and the way everything was explained. The narration wasn’t annoying, in fact it added a funny aspect to the story with some cool jokes. Margot Robbie was perfect as Harley Quinn... again!! I seriously cannot imagine any other actress playing Joker’s ex the way Robbie does, she was a different Quinn than “Suicide Squad” and I loved the way she developed the character. Although the other characters had a proper background and their screen time was acceptable, Quinn stole the show. She was the highlight of the movie and most of the scenes in which she wasn’t present felt weak. I think having a sequel for the “Birds Of Prey” team without Harley Quinn will be a huge risk for DC. “Birds Of Prey” might not be DC’s best work but it’s definitely the bestHarley Quinn Standalone movie we‘ll see!!

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