Little Women

A Piece of Poetic Smuggling! - 9.5/10

by Popcult Productions

Coming into “Little Women” we didn’t quite attain the same level of boldness towards it in comparison to Gerwig’s “Ladybird” back in 2017, which was a complete original, sourced from Gerwig’s magnetic talent and cinematic wisdom. But, still we were more than thrilled to see it, mainly because we fell in love with the coming of age tale of Christine ( AKA Ladybird) and felt like Greta might be one of the most powerful filmmakers in years to come, and after watching “Little Women” we certainly assure you that her filmography is only getting brighter by the minute. This film comes from the heart of an artist who’s trying to send out a message, and you can sense that through the elegantly written sequences and dialogue, Gerwig perfectly balances subtlety and entertainment throughout this film, and yes you heard that right the movie’s way more comedic than you’d expect it to turn up, but the lighthearted tab of it is lively and it strengthens the film’s charismatic appeal by all means. Yet, this flick plays its tunes on the sentimental strings of the tale, it makes you cry, mourn, relate, and understand where all the characters are coming from. Familial narratives always crop up into the hearts of viewers, and Gerta’s consistent harmony of mood and tone accredits the story to present itself in a more entreating manner. In addition, the cinematography, sets, production design, costume design all felt very precise and period-accurate, it might the most exquisite period film that puts that much effort into energizing and embracing the timeline and atmosphere of the experience. Plus, all the cast shines here, specifically the amazing Saoirse Ronan. Her character is essential to the poetic core of the film and her second team-up with Greta, grants her the right to be an oscar nominee and maybe even a winner! Timothée Chalamet and Florence Pugh also send out remarkable portrayals. We didn’t find the time-jumping element to be a huge deal as countless critics made it out to be, it only gets a bit perplexing towards the back half of the film, but nothing that can’t be overlooked, in fact Gerwig’s credence in the non-linear structure of telling the story, is not only a perfect stylistic enlightenment of the narration but one that also serves the gist of the film. Overall, we fell in love with “Little Women” and we’re highly rooting for both Greta’s film and Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite at the Oscars tonight. We’ll be updating you with the wins shortly after their announcements. Stay tuned!
⚖️ Final Rating: 9.5/10

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