Birds of Prey

Fast-paced, colorful and very very funny - 7.5/10

by Anis Tabet

Doubters can relax: this is the Harley Quinn movie we’ve all been waiting for. 2016’s “Suicide Squad” briefly introduced us to this flamboyant character (at least on the big screen), but “Birds of Prey” moves things forward in ways you don’t always see coming. It’s a colorful, over-the-top and often hilarious film that rarely pulls its punches. Credit Margot Robbie for having a blast playing Quinn, who, following her breakup with the Joker (adios Jared Leto), finds herself without immunity in a city where everyone wants her dead. Robbie also narrates this fast-faced story, turning the familiar into her own playing field for R-rated talk and pulse-pounding action scenes. The film also introduces us to an array of colorful characters (the Birds of prey if you will), women with agendas of their own. Looking for a villain? Look no further than Ewan McGregor, who has a fun time playing “Black Mask”, a narcissistic crime boss who would stop at nothing to get rid of Quinn. Director Cathy Yan keeps the action coming in gory chunks, but this wouldn’t mean a damn thing without a solid story and a committed cast. And that’s where “Birds of Prey” scores its points. It’s a total blast from start to finish and a major step forward for DC and Harley Quinn. Needless to say, we’ll definitely see more of her in the future.

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