Birds of Prey

It puts the "ou" in vicious! - 10/10

by SardonicA

I know that some might disagree with my rating but I couldn't care any less!

I freaking loved the movie.. every damn minute of it! Aside from 2 cheesy scenes in particular..I had zero complaints here. And those two scenes were not negative enough to affect my rating in any form.

This is one badass DC creation.. among the best they've done so far, if not the best! Margot Robbie is a goddess and she kicks balls as Harley Quinn. Also Jurnee Smollet-Bell and Ewan McGregor did an outstanding impersonation of their characters.

Narration, script, dark humor, camerawork, colors, soundtracks, smart scene transitions, acting and runtime were all just flawless and super fun.

Are you seriously expecting me to convince you with this one? Get up this instant and book your tickets.

Mindfuck-ingly Recommended.

P.S: I'm going for a second round!

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