Birds of Prey

Thanks to Cathy Yan’s Tremendous Efforts, Harley Quinn and Her Friends Will Leave you Truly Emancipated! - 8/10

by Popcult Productions

Harley Quinn just had her heart broken by the Joker (the worst one) and after her split, she joins forces with some acclaimed superheroes. Harleen Quinzel, Black Canary, Huntress, and Renee Montoya must all partner up to help save a young girl from Black Mask himself.
DCEU's most recent picture, "Shazam", was their peerless sparkler, it turned out to be precisely what the universe was longing for all along. And with Aquaman's aiding hand which also winded up steering in a fresh breeze of lighthearted storytelling, the DCEU lastly settled, and for once on a steady course of progressive winnings, one which firmly felt like it was heading in the right direction. Although, for a second, we did question Birds of Prey's existence when it was green lit early on, we honestly envisioned a reality where DC was going to lay in provisions for a new Justice League team-up, that would've hopefully erased a chip of the trauma we've been subjected to in the Zack Snyder-Joss Whedon version of the team. But rather surprisingly, DC selected the rational alternative, and decided to take it slow for once and we’re glad they did. To be honest, even if they decided to set their sights only on the solo grounded movies for a while, we would cheerfully tag along, especially if they continue attaining this level of marvelousness. Birds of Prey was a movie every comic book geek dreamed of grasping on the big screen for a time, and personally we thought such a film would be lands afar from coming to life any time soon, it’s a B-list team of characters that’s famed strictly on the basis of their peculiar and comical attributes and seeing them together on the big screen was peak awesomeness. After catching this movie last night, we want to start off by praising Cathy Yan’s incredible work on this film, the action you’re about to see is phenomenal at all measures, the sequences are long, violent, put an emphasis on the badassery of the characters and not for a second felt ungrounded especially if you keep in mind the fact that this is Cathy Yan’s first movie with an action magnitude of such. The R rating warrant imparted the narrative and action with authenticity as usual and it’s existence isn’t just there to be there, it’s flawlessly relevant to the nature of the characters at hand. In addition, the brutality of the action scenes and the way they were handled gave the film a pacing boost, seeing the team work together and kick people’s asses was a rushing blast. Most importantly, Christina Hodson’s writing was the gem of the movie, gald she finally figured out her voice and set in forth a promising screen-writing career, the way she customized this flick with a non-linear structure feature and the fact that she assembled the story immensely through Quinn’s viewpoint, layed out in the open the movie’s originality and uniqueness. It even sort of felt like a Tarantino-esque form of storytelling, especially when you take the music into consideration, add to this a witty character who tirelessly breaks the fourth wall and sends out the best easter eggs and funny one-liners, the result is a film which felt downright creative. The whole cast was perfect in this film, Margot Robbie’s performance was magnificent as usual, and she gets multiple costume upgrades through the course of it, so to everyone who eagerly wants to pull off a Harley Quinn look in upcoming Halloween parties, don’t worry you’ll have a variety to pick from. As for our favorite, Huntress was a fantastic blend of badassery and comic relief, the way her backstory was glimpsed at makes up for one of the best scenes in the film, and here’s where the Tarantino vibes usher in, it was utter perfection and Mary Elizabeth Winstead nailed the character, she was enchanting!Black Mask played by the amazing Ewan McGregor, was a compelling villain, thanks to Ewan’s charismatic portrayal of the persona, he energizes the role and makes it way more lively and deranged, although his intentions weren’t that much fleshed out or deeply explored, yet he’s made by Ewan to be maybe the best DCEU villain to date!
We strongly believe that Cathy Yan deserves to be appointed as an overseer on DC movies, and we’re tremendously happy that Christina Hodson is currently taking over the writing charge of Ezra Miller’s 2022 Flash movie. It’s a bright future for DCEU films indeed! Make sure to watch Birds of Prey as soon as you get the chance, it’s a fun ride that you’ll most certainly enjoy.
⚖️ Final Rating: 8/10

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