The Room

The Room Gives You No Room to Be Skeptical - 6.5/10

by Miriam Atallah - Movie Sharks

How far can you let your mind wander without the need for frequent reality checks?

The Room is a beautifully disturbing thriller that teaches viewers so much about greed, one’s survival instinct and motherhood.

Be it a horror or a thriller, you cannot but appreciate the script’s genuineness.

Yes, you do hear electric cables buzzing and lamps twitching, but not for the sole purpose of falsely building suspense to give room for satanic spirits that’d suddenly terrify you.

This room actually has a lot to offer, but how ready are you for this crazy journey?

One thing can help you determine this for sure: you either watch this film with the dominance of your brain’s left side or your brain’s right side.

The less skeptical you are, the more fun you’ll have.

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