Parasite: A Mega-Powerful Cinematic Take on Social Inequality. - 10/10

by Popcult Productions

It's been a while since we first watched "Parasite", and at the moment we didn't have the time to review the film, but we couldn't let this one slip through our hands even if our insights came belated, we always felt obliged to write something about it, anything actually that sums up this masterpiece of a film, a film that trashes the long infamous specter of capitalistic and materialistic unjust acts, that doesn't reveal themselves in Korea only but rather on a global noticeable magnitude (a message that we concluded). Films about class struggle come and go in cinema these days, we've personally seen a bunch but never something like Bong Joon-ho's mysterious flick that perfectly tackles the precise rationality behind each character and why sometimes people commit acts of evil. The film basically covers the complexity of two distinct families originating from two unattached social extremities who unite under one roof due to the peculiar interest of the unemployed family in the wealthy one, and to be honest the story is a subtle yet flawless display of moral values and what it takes and means to climb up the social ladder, Choi Woo-sik's character references "metaphors" on multiple occasions, and what's brilliant is the way the film itself reforms into a genre metaphor. The movie is funny, thrilling, accurately paced and plotted yet it never shies away from the subtly meaningful depictions of how humane situations can unfold, the shift itself is intimate to a point where when the credits roll you find yourself moved and devastated by the involving act you've just witnessed. And while analyzing the film's direction, we halted at the basic unswerving cinematoghrapy. You can clearly notice the motive of high and low shots and how they're consistently maintained throughout the whole run time, the localized hints and character measures shown in the film pave the way for an unforeseen spin that comes off as a logical turnout of events due to Bong Joon Ho's dire investment in exploring the nature of his characters and the barricades that separate them. What is shown to be an act of hard work, creativity, and the promise of freedom becomes the pathway to competition and acts of treason. We won't be as usually long here, for once we'll let the movie speak for itself, movies like "Parasite" deserve to be treated likewise at the end it's a beautifully directed, smartly edited, and a movingly acted masterpiece that issues its own voice without you suspecting it doing so. We've never given out on our page a 10 rating before, we've tried overly to stumble upon one flaw in the film but we couldn't, it's truly flawless.
Final Rating; 10/10

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