Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit: A Heartfelt Anti-hate Satire Aiming at Modern Day Cinema. - 8.5/10

by Popcult Productions

A ten year old boy Johannes Betzler commonly known as Jojo back in 1944 Germany is a Nazi fanatic who's constantly guided by Der Führer himself, Adolf Hitler. Aspiring to become similar to his look-up figure one day, evidently his hatred for Jewish people is concrete, despite not really knowing anything about them or ever having met someone from the Jewish faith. His world view shifts entirely when he stumbles upon a Jewish girl being hidden by his mother in their attic.
One would think it's insane to craft such a sensitive film in such an over-sensitive time, well Taika Waititi disagrees. And we're glad he does,"Jojo Rabbit" similar to most of Taika's latest filmoghraphy is a perfect blend of tone and mood, a wedge that sometimes damages your gut due to the repeatedly constant laughing and chuckling, and a distinct one that carries all the heartfelt humane messages that highly resonate with modern day cinema. As we've mentioned before, Taika an infamous filmmaker tackling such a risky project might bring along a huge amount of unneeded divisiveness among moviegoers, let alone a film like the majority of films that strive to balance out two opposing tones, can bounce into the trap of failing miserably at steering in the gist of the story. But Taika's comedic flick turned out be an inventive original narration one that takes modern day extremism and fanaticism down the garbage disposal and comes up with the proper restoration of love, humor, and the unjust societal assessments that we are often spoon fed by our unasked-for upbringing. That's what you pocket when you stride against the standard cinematic formula, although it sometimes ends terribly, but even if it does the mere effort is worth a salute. This message doesn't present itself directly throughout the movie it gently lingers in, what is thought to be a simple comedy that's only meant to make you laugh, appoints itself as a way more serious encounter. The moment Jojo finds out about the hidden Jewish girl in his house, Taika instantly starts to downgrade the comedy (not in a way that eliminates but in cautious manner). In addition, along the reduced comedy, the color scheme starts to shift from bright powerful colors to cloudy dim lighting, a way that clearly resembles what happens when faced with actual acts of terror and war. This historically accurate well-acted anti-hate satire, packs a moving memo, that showcases the obliviousness of party/religion/faith worshipers that are robotized from a young age to aim hatred,distaste,and revulsion towards minorities who are always judged strictly based on their background (something that's been going on on a global scale for so long, and the stem of all our troubles here in Lebanon). Jojo's world crumbles in front of his eyes when he's faced eye to eye with his nationalism and toxic flag-waving allegiance to his sect, slowly and beautifully he starts to grasp the fact that a part of him is trying to withstand his programmed contemn and simply look out for the person he’s encountering not their wrongfully admitted descent. (which is basically admitted by the programmers themselves and not their followers). This is our take on the gist of the film and we highly expect young audiences to resonate with the provided themes. The cast is also mega-powerful , from Roman Griffin Davis's and Archie Yatess' sweet tender performances to Taika Waititi's brilliant hilarious portrayal of an idiotic figure whose performance not for one second overshadows the other main cast members, yet he manages to make every scene 10 times more comical. In addition, to Scarlet Johansson's engaging showdown of a caring mother, Roman Griffin is superb, he explicitly flourishes in the sentimental segments that require high talent from an actor his age, and he truly never blunders! Plus, Michael Giacchino’s score is incredible and always precisely on par with the set-up atmosphere, such a great soundtrack as usual, can’t wait to see what he does with The Batman. Go see "Jojo Rabbit" as soon as you get the chance, it's currently playing in all cinemas across Lebanon, you'll definitely have a blast and derive a decisive gist from the film!
Final Rating: 8.5/10

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