The Gentlemen

A raw shot of fine whiskey! - 8.5/10

by SardonicA

You know that moment when you step out of the theater feeling utterly satisfied? Well this was exactly the case here.

Guy Ritchie hardly ever fails to impress! He presented a delightful piece of work starring some of the fine-ass and most talented men out there!

The cast is what I would call the "Brain-gasm Squad" in which they combine intellect, wit, skills, sex appeal, and those sensational deep voices! That alone got me glued to the big screen heavily whispering:"Mother, May I?" All of them flawlessly fell into their characters especially Matthew McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam..what a duo!

At first, you'd notice how it kicks off in a cheesy manner in which the narration feels "off" and the set appears faded with amateurish is where the trick lies, Ladies & Gentlemen! As you proceed, the film, not only, gets so damn better but also smoothly drags you to that very first scene to put some classy sense into it. I adored that move! The ending was just EXQUISITE.

Camerawork, soundtracks, scene shifts, tones, links and script were beautifully executed and/or inserted. They elevated the whole experience.

Do you still need more convincing? For God's sake, grab your tickets this instant and get ready to witness a whole new meaning to the word "Gentleman".

Highly Recommended.

P.S: I would certainly go for another round!

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