A Visual Masterpiece!! - 10/10

by This Is My Review

What a Masterpiece!!! “1917” (Directed by Sam Mendes) is only one shot: One beautiful, immersive, realistic shot that will take you to a different world. I haven’t seen such a movie in a long time (Although it reminded me of Cuaron’s ROMA). Director Sam Mendes knew how to keep the audience invested in this simple story using all the right elements. It doesn’t contain much of a dialogue but you will understand every emotion because everything is in perfect harmony. It’s not your usual violent bloody war film, “1917” is trying to send a love letter through war and didn’t use shocking scenes to make the audience “feel”. You will live this war with the characters and experience tension, fear, joy and even love.  Technically speaking, ”1917” is brilliant, you just need to watch these scenes and follow all the details inside the frames to understand that this is a unique film. The Camerawork was amazing, the editing was brilliant and I can’t wait to watch behind the scenes footage and documentaries just to know how they did it all. Best Picture? Director? Cinematography? “1917” Deserves them all!!! Make sure to watch it on the biggest screen possible, you won’t regret it!!

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