Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

A Disappointing ending to an Epic Saga!!! - 6.5/10

by This Is My Review

One of the most “confusing” films of the year. As a Star Wars fan, I enjoyed many moments from “Rise of Skywalker” but after thinking about them, they were either Nostalgic scenes or homages to previous SW films/characters. It’s definitely a satisfying ending to this worldwide famous franchise (although it’s really hard to please Fanboys nowadays). It was obvious that they were trying to add all these nostalgic elements and randomly connecting them to have this final conclusion to the Skywalker Story. That’s not a bad thing if you’re planning to watch it just to see your beloved characters and universe one last time. But if you put your feelings aside and analyze the movie you’ll find many flaws. My biggest issue with this final installment is the story and the choices they made trying to end it “properly”. Many decisions were illogical and the main twist had zero impact because it was forced and misplaced (unlike previous Star Wars movies). On a technical level, the movie had some good CGI, great colors and a captivating Cinematography. The action scenes were beautifully designed and executed plus acting wasn’t bad especially Adam Driver. “Rise of Skywalker” is entertaining and fun, but it’s the most forgettable Star Wars film since the Prequel Trilogy... and I’m really sad to admit it!!!

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