Knives Out

A Crime film done RIGHT! - 10/10

by This Is My Review

Whenever a movie is able to trigger the right emotions and make your experience delightful and unforgettable.... it deserves a praise even if it contains minor flaws. Immersive is the perfect word to describe “Knives Out”. It grabbed my attention since the very first shot and I couldn’t feel time passing while watching it. Credits should be given to most of the movie’s elements. Writing and directing were in perfect harmony, every detail was interesting and nearly all the scenes were creatively shot. The script was really clever, with many unexpected and creative twists. I’m a huge fan of Detective Novels, but I’ve never seen such a beautiful presentation of a Crime story on the big screen. Instead of following the same path that previous Crime/Detective films already adopted several times, Knives Out created a new “form” to present its plot. This new direction might feel weird at some point but the movie’s atmosphere and tone were more than suitable and kept me focused until the very last minute. Acting was strong especially Daniel Craig who presented a new character way different than his previous roles. The movie has a beautiful mix of comedy (always on point and never misplaced) and tension. That’s a rare thing to see nowadays especially in “commercial movies”. Smart, Captivating and balanced.... “Knives Out” is an experience that you shouldn’t miss.

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